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I have been using the Flight Aware Flight Tracker for ages and I love it! Here's why…


There are many great features in the Flight Aware app but I use it mainly as I outline below.

Why I love it:

  1. Track your flight to see if there's a delay or a potential for delay
  2. Use it to track flights for friends and family you're picking up at the airport to estimate when you need to leave for the airport
  3. Shows you what gate your departure flight will leave out of and what gate it will land at (before my airline app usually shows it but obviously double-check in case your gate changes)
  4. Track to see where your plane is for your flight. See if it's inflight or if it's even left yet so you can make plans to fly standby on another flight.

Who it's for:

  1. Frequent ravelers
  2. People who pick up friends and family members at the airport


  1. iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  2. Android

Download here


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What are your favorite travel apps? I want to hear about them! Any questions, leave a comment below.


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