How To Keep A Handle
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I show you how I organize my contracts using a very cool tool!

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    Do you often get stressed out?
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    Do you use your email as a giant filing cabinet?
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    Are you searching your emails constantly for information to get your work done?
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    Do you have email threads that are so long, it's hard to find the answers you need?
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    Do you often try to remember everything?
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    Do you finding yourself constantly searching through emails? Over and over again?
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    Do you find it hard to keep track of when you're getting paid?

What is the course?

Over the course of three days, I'll email you one lesson a day (each lesson includes a short video) to show you how I organize my sponsored contracts and stay on top of my business.

You will see how easy it is to manage your business! You will feel less stress, feel more confident and get stuff done!

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